Public Performance Videos at Church

Nancy Miller (
Tue, 24 Oct 95 9:37:27 EDT

Hello All,

I find myself in the position of being the video police at my
church. There is a group in the church that enjoys sponsoring
"Video Night" and, of course, wants to show such items as
Disney's "Lion King" to a group of children for entertainment.
A few months ago,
I thought I had adequately explained the difference between
public performance videos and home use only items to our
Administrative Board. But the issue has come up again because
a member of the board asked the lawyer she works for if showing
videos at church is okay. He said sure as long as you don't
charge admission. Well, this lawyer's practice is primarily
limited to home mortgages, not copyright law.

At any rate, I am planning to provide the board with
information from "Libraries and Copyright: A Guide to Copyright
Law in the 1990's" by Gasaway and Wiant. I also plan to give
them the Jim Heller article that appeared in "The Video Annual
1994." I would also like to provide them with something more
practical, like what is going on with Disney and Daycare
Centers, but haven't been able to track down any citations in
either Newsbank or Newspaper Abstracts. Haven't had a chance to
look at our electronic magazine product yet.

Can anyone on the list provide me with some more suggestions on
how to handle this situation and/or some down-to-earth
articles? I'm dealing with people who say "no one will come"
if we don't show Disney-type movies!

Thanks in advance for all your help and advice.

Nancy Miller
Collection Management Librarian
Virginia Beach Public Library
Virginia Beach, Va.