PCC Core Bibliographic Record for AV Task Group formed

Eric R. Childress (childres@numen.elon.edu)
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 21:17:04 -0400 (EDT)

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I. As part of its ongoing program to define core bibliographic
record standards, the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC)
announces the formation of a new core bibliographic record task

The task group's charge is to define a core bibliographic
record* standard for audiovisual materials (specifically for moving
image and graphic materials cataloged under Chapters 7 & 8 of the
_Anglo-American Catalouging Rules_, 2nd ed., 1988 rev. and any
published amendments). The task group plans to complete its charge
by late spring of 1996.

The PCC's Core Bibliographic Record for Audiovisual Materials
Task Group (CBR-AV TG) includes: Eric Childress (Elon College
(Elon College, NC)), Chair; Diane Boehr (Costabile Associates
(Bethesda, MD)); Nancy Erickson (Minnesota Historical Society);
Jane Magree (UCLA Film and Television Archive); Roger Minier (NWOET
Foundation, Bowling Green State University); and Glenn Patton
(OCLC, Inc.). The PCC liaison to the task group is Joan Schuitema
(Northwestern University), a member of the PCC Standing Committee
on Standards.

The Core Bibliographic Record for Audiovisual Materials (CBR-
AV) standard will define which data elements (i.e. what
information) must be recorded and will specify which fields and
subfields in the _USMARC Format for Bibliographic Data_ must be
used to record the required elements. The standard once completed
and approved by the PCC Executive Council will be made available to
both PCC member institutions and the wider library community.

(*A core bibliographic record is one created to a new standard
level of completeness, a level between minimal and full level
cataloging. The core level standard emphasizes the inclusion of
required (as opposed to optional) descriptive elements, the
streamlined assignment of subject and descriptive access points,
and a greater tolerance for local cataloging practices and

II. Contact information:

Questions and comments about the CBR-AV task group,
the CBR-AV standard, and related issues should be directed to the
task group chair, Eric Childress:

Eric Childress Elon College Library
Special Materials Cataloger P.O. Box 187
childres@numen.elon.edu Elon College, NC 27244
(910) 538-6544 voice (910) 538-6547 fax

Institutions wishing to participate in the Program for
Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) should apply to the PCC for
membership. Information on the PCC and applications for membership
are available from:

Ann Della Porta
Cooperative Cataloging Team Leader
Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division
Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20540-4383
(202) 707-7920
Internet: dellapor@mail.loc.gov

III. To retrieve copies of Program for Cooperative Cataloging
(PCC) documents:

Copies of the existing PCC core bibliographic standards are
available electronically via the Library of Congress's Marvel
information service (WWW and Gopher access are available).

To access these and other cooperative programs documents:

1) Access marvel.loc.gov: A) use a Gopher client (point to:
marvel.loc.gov, port 70); or, B) access Marvel via the World Wide
Web (address: gopher://marvel.loc.gov/)

2) Proceed through the following directories/subdirectories:

*Libraries and publishers (Technical Services)
*Cataloging at the Library of Congress: Programs & Services
*Cooperative Cataloging Programs at the Library of Congress
*Cooperative Cataloging Council

Note: The report of PCC Task Group 4 discusses the concept of the
core record and provides a defined core bibliographic record
standard for monographs. For copies of currently defined
bibliographic records, retrieve documents beginning with the phrase
"Core Bibliographic Record for..."

Eric Childress