Cancellation of Video Rating Guide for Libraries

Mon, 16 Oct 1995 09:00:23 PST

I am a reviewer for this publication and I have received a notice of
"cease publication" from ABC-CLIO. The main reason given: "...for the
past year we have been analyzing our numbers and can no longer justify the continuation of our publication. BECAUSE OF A DIMINISHING VIDEO MARKET, LARGELY
DECREASED OVER (oops, that's library video budgets) THE PAST SEVERAL YEARS..."
(emphasis mine). "...Thus, the video market is not big enough to provide
the growth required to sustain publication."

It is true that materials budgets of libraries are down for the most part.
It is true that many libraries have had to cancel periodicals, possibly
VRGL as one. What is not true is that there is a diminishing video market
due to the growth of multimedia products. You should see the stack of
video requests on my desk. My problem is $, not diminished market.
Multimedia is OK, we purchase this technology also, however, it can in no
way replace video and what video can do and who it can reach.

I tried to get through to ABC-CLIO Friday, but Stacy Frederick is no longer
employed there and Managing Editor, Tiniki Roxton, was unavailable. VRGL
is a first rate publication and it saddens me to see it cease publication.
if subscriptions are down, perhaps this should be publishied in another
format? ABC-CLIO phone number is 805/968-1911 or FAX 805/685-9685. We
should let them know how we feel about this situation.