Re: Hans Jurgen Syberberg Film

mundane matters (PDF@LOYOLA.EDU)
Sat, 14 Oct 1995 12:35:39 -0500 (EST)

This film has been my holy grail for about 10 years! I saw it at the Biograph
in D.C. back in the late 70's. And all this is no doubt true about no U.S.
distribution. But perhaps Milos the miraculous can work a deal (hint hint)
since I believe the film achieves a sense of Hitler the man (horrible as that
is to contemplate) in a similar manner that "Shoah" elucidates the horror of
the Holocaust: by focusing on the mundane matters of individual lives; the small
choices that lead to catastrophic results. I remember an hour sequence with
Hitler's valet who describes in maddening detail Hitler's toilet (not his
commode) - and this sequence alone dispels any notion that Hitler's evil was
super-human. It was all too human. I will not belabor my points here except
to encourage others to seek U.S. distribution for Syberberg's films on video
now! I'm writing a letter myself -
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