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Gary Handman ((no email))
Fri, 13 Oct 1995 09:29:52 -0700

I'm forwarding the following message recently posted on MediaWeb

Gary Handman

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From: Steve Behrens <CURRENTRON@AOL.COM>
Subject: New site about public broadcasting
To: Multiple recipients of list MEDIAWEB <MEDIAWEB@VM.TEMPLE.EDU>
Status: R

You're invited to look at and link to (if appropriate) our new site about
public TV and radio, Current Online:

It's an offshoot of Current Newspaper, the 15-year-old biweekly newspaper
that covers the field. I've enjoyed preparing this site so much that I'm
weary of going back to paper and ink.

The paper will carry only a portion of the most recent news, but the bulk of
its content will be "Topics" collections of articles from back issues that
are linked together to tell particular stories about what's been happening
and why.

For people who are seriously interested in the future of
public/noncommercial/educational electronic media, the site offers some
insights into what's really happening inside the field. And to it.

We're interested in your comments, corrections, suggestions, whatever.

Steve Behrens