Re: Video Librarian on CD-ROM

Helen McCullough (hmccull@alleg.EDU)
Fri, 13 Oct 95 11:52:30 -0400

Kristine Brancolini wrote:

>Re Video Rating Guide for Libraries: I called ABC-CLIO earlier
>today to check on our order of the Video Rating Guide on CD-ROM
>(which is a bargain, by the way, at $125). While I was on the phone
>with them, I asked about the rumor that the VRGL is ceasing
>publication. They would not confirm it, but said it was probable.

I've been writing reviews for VRGL virtually since it started
publication. Earlier this week I received a letter from Stacy
Frederick, the reviews editor, which stated:
"After a lot of careful consideration, we have made the
difficult decision to cease publication of Video Rating Guide for
Libraries with Volume 6, Issue 4."

The resons given were a diminishing video market, growing popularity
of multimedia products and decrease of library budgets.

The letter did not imply that VRGL's demise was merely "probable." I
wonder why the person you spoke with was not more forthcoming.

Helen McCullough
Pelletier Library
Allegheny College