Re: Floppy disks with videos

L. M. Lockley (
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 17:46:09 -0500 (CDT)


At my branch, we have a similar problem with books that come with floppy
disc's and now with CD-Roms. We mark inside the book where the bar code
is that will be scanned upon check-out, that a disc is available at the
desk for check-out. We also have the discs marked that they go with a
specific book and keep them filed in a file folder so we can find them.
The Circulation staff are then alerted uupon check=out to inform the
patron that such an item is available and that they may check it out also
if they wish. This is a bit cumbersome when it's very busy but it has
kept most of our disc safe and usually gets them returned because the
patron generally remembers that they had to ask specifically for the item.
The main reason we started to do this was because of our security system
which will erase the disc's if they get near them.

With our video's, our Technical Operations staff attaches the booklets,
and now discs, to the cases the tapes are stored in. Sometimes it's just
an envelope that holds the booklet/disc and we try to keep up with them
upon return. The Call Number indicates that the tape comes with a
booklet or disc also. For example: VT 512.3
+ 1 booklet

They also catalog the books this way unless it's just a demo disc; then
they consult us at the branch to see if we have a preference.

Once we discover that a booklet or disc is gone we mark in the book or on
the video, next to the call # that such item is no longer available &
tell any patron who ask that it is gone and cannot be replaced.

Don't know if this will work for your situation.


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