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Fri, 13 Oct 1995 09:08:20 NZST

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> Subject: Floppy disks with videos

> What do you all do with floppy disks that come with certain videos? The
> video cases we use do not have a pocket for such things. What we have
> considered is keeping them behind a desk, as we do with many of the
> booklets that come with videos, and check them out when a patron asks.
> However, not many people are aware that we have the booklets to begin
> with so they usually just collect dust.
> Anyhow, I appreciate any suggestions you might offer.
> Gerry
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I haven't struck floppy disks with videos yet but we do keep all book
floppy disks behind the circulation desk and this works well. When
the book or magazine is catalogued a sticker is attached saying -
"There is a Disk which accompanies this book. If you wish to borrow
it, please ask at the desk when getting the book issued." In the
case of books, which are sensitised ,there is also a reminder to staff
placed near the barcode telling them to remove the disk before
returning the item - videos of course don't go near the sensitizer so
no problem. The floppy is then placed in a paper bag and both are
marked with the classification number and stored in that order. That
system should work for video floppys also.
Lynley Aldridge
Audiovisual Librarian
Christchurch Polytechnic Library/Learning Resource Centre
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