Video booking processes

Lynley Aldridge (
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 09:27:10 NZST

I very much appreciated the replies I received to my first request
for video information, earlier this year. This time I need some
ideas for booking processes and sharing resources.
We are a tertiary library with two branches (on the same catalogue
system) and have approximately 1000 videos.
Our library computer system cannot offer automatic bookings. At the
moment we use a manual booking system. We are currently experiencing
problems were a number of tutors vying for the same few videos at the
same time. Buying duplicate copies would be one solution but does
anyone use a creative system that allows a video to be used several
times a day (and how to make Tutors return them on time!!) and
management strategies to deal with the first in, first served
problem. The organised staff are pre-booking well in advance so we
are accused of offering preferential service to them - human nature!!.
Our system is proving labour intensive in booking, checking, issuing
and following up overdues and not doing our PR much good at the
Suggestions welcome. I can be contacted at :-

Thanking you in advance

Lynley Aldridge
Audiovisual Librarian
Christchurch Polytechnic Library/Learning Resource Centre
P O Box 22095
New Zealand