Re[4]: Copyright question

pmeans (
Mon, 09 Oct 95 15:04:55 EST

The disclaimer that is on all of our video equipment reads as follows:



The Educational Media Center wishes to advise all of those who use film and
video playback equipment and bring their own material for use, that (school
name) and the EMC are not liable regarding any legal action taken against
violators of copyright laws. Unlawful use of copyright materials is soley the
responsibility fo the user.

Hope this may be of help.

Pat Means
Austin College
Abell Library Educational Media Center
Subject: Re[3]: Copyright question
Author: pmeans
Date: 10/6/95 1:29 PM

I do not allow any, what I call illegal copies, videos in the library media
center. Only videos purchased from a legal source are placed on reserve. We
follow the guidelines for use of videos recorded off-air or satellite. You may
use the program within 10 class days for curriculum support and may keep it for
consideration of licensing for 45 calendar days. After the 45 days these tapes
must be erased if no license has been obtained. I do not question any videos
that are brought into the classroom by the professors. All of our VCR's have
disclaimers on them as far as the use of the equipment.

Pat Means
Media Specialist
Austin College
Abell Library
Sherman, TX
Subject: Re: Copyright question
Date: 10/4/95 4:32 PM

>We have been trying to rewrite our policy and procedures to comply with
>Copyright Law. A question came up regarding professor's copies of videos
>that are placed on Reserve.

I too have concerns in this area and would appreciate reading answers
to this question.

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