Videotape theft insurance

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Mon, 09 Oct 95 13:57 EDT

Rebecca Locke-Gagnon of Toledo-Lucas Co. Public Library wrote:

"Our video clerk (before new tapes go into the collection) takes the
videos apart and inserts a metal strip INSIDE the cassette, then reassembles

The University of Maryland College Park Nonprint Media Services department
used to do this with 3M tags. They were put under the front flap of 3/4'
videocassettes. They worked well for a while, but gave us big problems down
the road. You need to remember that videotapes get heated-up when they play
inside a videocassette player. The glue on the tags WILL soften with the
heat, the glue WILL ooze out from behind the tags, it WILL stick to the
videotape and damage it. It may not happen the first time or even the 20th
time the tape is played, but it will happen. My personal recommendation is
to never put anything inside a videocassette that wasn't put there by the
manufacturer. We had to replace a number of tapes prematurely.

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