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I agree with you. It's the same thing as the old copy machine argument
(you can't hire someone full-time to stand guard over the Xerox). Placing
labels on your equipment is the best (and most reasonable) way of
alerting people about the copyright law. Especially, since I'm also not a
fan of grilling patrons and/or teachers about intended use. Finally, a
lot the problem comes from the format shift from 16mm to video. As I've
said before about *E.T.*: you don't flood the market with several million
copies of anything and then expect to regulate the way it's used.

Randy Pitman

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> Subject: Re: Videos in the Classroom
> After attending a meeting of the Association for Higher Education Media
> Subcommittee meeting at SMU, that consisted of a panel of copyright lawyers, I
> was of the impression that it was not the media centers' responsibility to
> police how their equipment is used. They did suggest however that a
> disclaimer be attached to each VCR that the media center is not responsible
> for how the equipment is used. Our media center is so small that policing the
> equipment everwhere it is setup would be quite impossible. Anyone elses
> opinion on this would be greatly appreciated.
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> Date: 10/6/95 11:29 AM
> Randy
> Me again. I just wrote this guy the same thing before reading your message
> Great minds think mostly alike.
> By the way on the face to face issue, there are some groups that
> deliberately abuse it. I get various groups (mostly at colleges) who show a
> film in a classroom maybe with a speaker and then claim since its
> educational its covered. I get pretty pissed about this. Public Libraries
> are very good, I know of only one that ever deliberately violated
> copywright, but Univerisity libraries are often much worse. They often
> think that because they are at a university any showing of a tape is
> covered. Much of the copywright violation at colleges is done by groups
> that media people have no direct control over, but I do get annoyed when
> the loan out their equipement without asking questions. Just thought I'd
> put in my two cents from the distributors side.
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