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>Gary and all,
>Can anyone expand a bit on "iffy". I imagine there are certain uses of home
>videos that are not allowed but what might be the if conditions that make
>home videos useable in a reserve access environment?
>I allow authorized (not dubs) home videos and rented home videos to be
>deposited by teachers or departments for course reserves. I restrict use to
>in-building, individual viewing, no group or classroom presentation. I've
>always felt comfortable doing this but now I feel "iffy".

I think your safe here, since you do not allow Dubs of legal copies. The
rented titles I think could be a problem.

>As for off-air dubs, Jane Hutchison's question about unknown air dates is
>one that's been troubling me too, a bit. Or a variation of Jane's question.
>With respect to the idea that there is a window of time available for use of
>off-air dubs, (something like 10 consecutive class days from air date and
>then another 30 or 40 days during which the dub may be retained for
>evaluation by teachers but not presented to students) what is considered the
>air date in cases of broadcast re-runs? Say PBS runs a Ken Burns series
>during April of 1995 and then your local PBS affiliate re-runs the following
>October, can the April air date be considered to have extended to October? I
>guess simply put, is a re-run air date a new air date that gives another
>opportunity to dub and use for instruction? Seems to me that it is but I'd
>like to know what others think.

The 45 days comes after the date it is recorded off air, whether or not is
is first run or rerun.


>Additionally, how do we confirm air dates? When a teacher tells me that some
>episode of Frontline was aired last Monday, must I check a programming
>schedule to verify that could be so? With cable and satellite bringing so
>much programming to homes and school media services are we expected to be
>able to confirm and verify air dates?

***TThat's all you can do. Though one thing our Film library subscribes to
is TV guide. Is the requestors stated date in writing ?

>I've taken the approach that I can't be expected to confirm air dates so I
>accept the depositor's stated air date and use the 10 consecutive class days
>plus 30 - 40 day retention.
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