Videos in the Classroom

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Thu, 5 Oct 1995 16:38:52 -0500

It would be hard to argue that WINNIE THE POOH was being used for teaching
purposes to kindergardeners. Any standard classroom teaching use would be
The FACE TO FACE exemption isn't that complicated. If the video is being
used in a course limited to a specific group of enrolled students, it
should not be a problem. No matter what a distributor tells you, if you
purchase a legal copy of the title, it is covered by the exemption for
classroom use. The two tiered pricing can't be enforced, because once a
title is available to the general market it is available for classroom. You
may be forced to buy a tape with PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS if the tape is
not available any other way. You should check carefully before you buy.
Many libraries want Public Performance Rights so the tapes can be used for
public screenings or an campus cable systems.

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