Copyright question
Wed, 04 Oct 1995 09:26:37 -0500 (EST)

We have been trying to rewrite our policy and procedures to comply with
Copyright Law. A question came up regarding professor's copies of videos
that are placed on Reserve. I'd like some guidance in this area on how
these copies should be handled. The materials are personal copies provided
by faculty (some are labeled, others are not). I know that some are
copied tapes or off-air recordings which don't have an air date. Should we
1. Request that the faculty member provide information regarding the
2. If the material is protected by copyright, determine whether it falls
under Fair Use Guidelines;
3. If kprotected by copyright, seek Copyright permission. (Is there
a media version of the Copyright Clearance Center that we could seek
permission from?)

This problem includes both videos and audiocassettes...Any suggestions
would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Jane B. Hutchison
William Paterson College of New Jersey