_Blackstar_ by Tom Joslin

Kristine Brancolini, 812/855-3710 (BRANCOLI@cluster.ucs.indiana.edu)
Mon, 2 Oct 95 10:23:08 EWT

For a student writing a dissertation, I'm trying to locate a copy of
_Blackstar: Autobiography of a close friend_ (1976) made by Tom Joslin.
It's listed in OCLC WorldCat as being self-distributed by Joslin and
available on 16mm and VHS at one library, Hampshire College. The student
tried an ILL request to Hampshire, but was turned down. Now I'm trying
to see about contacting Joslin's heirs and getting permission to pay
Hampshire to make us a copy.

Do any of you have information about this film? Another source perhaps?
Any ideas about Joslin's heirs and how they might be contacted? Any help
would be greatly appreciated. I also plan to contact Hampshire College
to find out how they acquired this film, but I suspect the history may
have been lost or they got it from Joslin himself. Thanks.

Kristine Brancolini
Indiana University Libraries