RE: "Heimat"

Kristine Brancolini, 812/855-3710 (
Wed, 27 Sep 95 14:42:46 EWT

Beth: This is listed in OCLC WorldCat under the title: Heimat: eine
Chronik in elf Teilen. It's an 11-part series in German with English
subtitles. The only holding library is the Goethe Institute of San
Francisco. You might try calling them. The distributor is in Bonn. The
Goethe Institute also owns a 1992 edition of the same work, with a slightly
-- well, very -- different title, which comes up with the title search
"Heimat" and the subject search "reitz edgar." I don't think this will be
easy to acquire!

Kristine Brancolini
Indiana University