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>Does anyone know of a video on pet care aimed at children? There are lots of
>titles on pet care and training but I cannot find one that would
>for children.

"Pets And Their Care"...
CHILDREN learn that fresh food, clean water, love and affection, a clean
home, exercise, baths, grooming and regular medical care are as important to
their pet's well-being as they are to their own.
15 minutes, $49.95

"Your Pet, Your Pal"...
This program presents KIDS with a selection of different pets, ranging from
dogs and cats to boa constrictors and cockatails. CHILDREN are encouraged to
handle the animals, ask questions and familiarize themselves with the
responsibilities of pet care.
45 minutes, $29.95

Both titles are available from Vide-O-Go / That's Infotainment! Multimedia
Learning Center. Contact Dean Stevens at 1-800-323-VIDEO (8433) or via
E-mail @