[Videolib] Hal Singer, Keep the Music Going(10% holiday discount extended)

From: Guetty Felin <gfelin@gmail.com>
Date: Tue Dec 22 2009 - 14:22:59 PST


We have extended the 10% discount rate for orders before December 31st
for our award winning documentary .... “Hal Singer, Keep the Music
Going”, about unsung Jazz hero Hal “Cornbread” Singer. Produced
through a generous grant from the French National Center for Cinema
(CNC) and the French music network M6,10 years ago, the film is the
winner of the prestigious French Kodak award, and has been aired on
television networks worldwide and showcased in festivals around the
world, FESPACO, Los Angeles Pan African Film Festival, Le Festival
d'Amiens, Yamagata Documentary Film Festival, Vue d'Afrique (Audience
Award), Milan African Diaspora Film Festival, Noire Tout Couleur,
Creteil Festival International de Film de Femmes....

To view an excerpt of the film please click here: http://www.bellemoonproductions.com/halfilm.html

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