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Date: Tue Dec 22 2009 - 13:35:29 PST

We have two levels of cleaning. If someone just reports that the dvd
did not work/did not play - I clean it with a disc solution and soft
cloth, stick it in the player, and if it starts, it's back out on the
shelf. If patrons report skipping, freezing, or there are obvious
scratches, then the disc goes to Technical Services for running through
the trusty RTI machine. With very bad damage, the machine sometimes
can't even do anything. We discard those. Generally, we don't charge
people since it's difficult to track all this damage. DVDs and CDs are
put on a mending shelf in our closed access area. I try to check the
shelf every day, but sometimes it's more like once a week. I can get 10
- 20 dvds a week with reports of problems. Our Tech Services staff has
asked to send things over a little at a time, but we don't have space to
hold on to these things waiting for cleaning. Besides, I want to get
them back out in circulation as soon as I can. Since we have 4
locations sending TSD their damaged discs, the items are cleaned as time
allows. Hope this helps.

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        To all of you fellow workers, slaving away on the last couple of
days before Christmas....

        What do you about cleaning dvd's? do you clean them on a
regular basis, i.e. when they are returned? During breaks in the
semester? Never?

        Do you use a cloth, a machine, a solution of some sort?


        Any details would be helpful -




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