Re: [Videolib] Institutional Version of Film Pane Amaro/Bitter Bread

From: Deg Farrelly <>
Date: Mon Dec 21 2009 - 11:34:37 PST

There is nothing on the Amazon site that provides information indicating a license agreement on the home version of this DVD.

A license limiting use would trump US Copyright Law. But in the absence of such a license, US copyright law, section 110 ( ) covers use of the DVD for classroom use (provided the other provisions of the law are met.)

If you have received the video (and since you purchased it on November 9 I suspect you have), I would ignore the message. And I would not buy the institutionally priced copy.


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Comments, anyone??  I'll probably break down and purchase it at the
institutional use price, but really--CANNOT be LEGALLY utilized
for....classroom use???
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