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From: Shoaf,Judith P <>
Date: Tue Dec 15 2009 - 13:04:57 PST

One peculiarity that might be relevant-when my husband and I bought a blu-ray player to go with the new hi-def TV last summer, we bought it because it would stream Netflix movies. (we already had a DVD player,--in fact 2, the standalone and the one that came with the VHS player.) The only blu-ray movie we own or have rented or borrowed is Planet Earth. So we are bye and large not using the blu-ray player for hi-def goodies but for other video (good enough video). Of the 3 people who watch cable on the machine, I think I am the only one who systematically looks for the HD version of the channel, too.

A neglected blip in the VHS-to-DVD history was that for a while there were some very nice VHS copies coming out of old movies (I am thinking in particular of a Mae West series). So many of the older films were slapped onto VHS from terrible copies, but for DVD films like that were digitally mastered and cleaned up, and that was what the VHS copies were based on, too. This is like what Dennis is saying about DVD and Blu-Ray-if it's good enough to be on Blu-Ray, shouldn't it be issued that way? But the DVD version is still going to be better than if the standard was "good enough for DVD" instead of "good enough for Blu-Ray." Right?


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