Re: [Videolib] Online streaming media licenses (Gwen Gerber, BioMEDIA ASSOCIATES)

From: Gwen Gerber <>
Date: Mon Dec 14 2009 - 14:00:38 PST

Today, BioMEDIA ASSOCIATES offers streaming media licenses for science
titles that you have the rights to:

1. Deliver to institutionally authenticated clients - your server or
ours. If you have a website, we can get you set-up to deliver content this


2. Use extracts or clips in teaching and learning endeavors within
existing copyright laws



3. We provide updated file formats as January 4, 2010 we will provide all
current clients with the option to use MPEG4 (400 and 800) files for the
cost of shipping of the hard drive. New clients can choose among the
formats that we currently offer. We review each encoding request
individually and provide permission in writing if the client wants to encode
programs. Plus we offer clients the right to use the programs in multiple
formats (hard copy i.e. DVD, streaming, and broadcast) for the same license


4. A fair and decent price---To-date we haven't had clients unhappy with
our pricing model. Additionally, you can pay us annually over the life of a
license to maximize your ability to build your own streaming media library.


We don't offer science titles in perpetuity as science is constantly
changing. What would cell biology from 1990 teach today? If it makes
sense, we offer long term rights for programs. BioMEDIA ASSOCIATES doesn't
use stock footage but it can be very costly to buy stock footage in
perpetuity. As Chip Taylor says, there are many variables in the
relationship between the distributor and the producer.


As a distributor of media that is designed for use in the classroom, we are
doing everything we can to make it easy for teachers to have access to media
in any format to teach.


Happy Holidays!




Gwen Gerber


P.O. Box 1234

Beaufort, SC 29901-1234

877.661.5355/843.470.0236 voice, 843.470.0237 fax



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