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Date: Mon Dec 14 2009 - 08:25:15 PST

Something I posted to Publib a while back, in answer to a question similar to Dennis's:

Factors behind our decision not to purchase Blu-ray so far:

* A price difference of up to $10 more per disc for Blu-ray vs. DVD, and therefore,

* Budgetary considerations: there isn't enough money to meet demand for both DVD and Blu-ray, because of,

* Anticipated pressure from patrons to buy both DVD and Blu-ray if we get started on the format, in addition to,

* Ongoing uncertainty about the long-term viability of any format on 5-inch disc, which is reflected in,

* Blu-ray's limited market penetration so far and lack of acceptance as the undisputed successor to DVD.

If the studios force our hand ("get this on Blu-ray or not at all, buddy!") we'll go there, but not until then. Patron inquiries about the format are occasional and not insistent.

Peter Cartford
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Dear folks,

I'd really love to know...

How many of you actively purchase Blu-ray discs?

How many of you won't buy blu-ray discs now or in the next year?

How many of you prefer to buy a Blu-ray film rather than a similar film on DVD?

If there was a Blu-ray disc with one free SD-download, would that be helpful in making your decisions?

Just thinking of our next steps...

Dennis Doros
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