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From: Rosen, Rhonda J. <rrosen@lmu.edu>
Date: Thu Dec 10 2009 - 17:35:35 PST


So, we are getting lots of faculty who want to use video clips in their
classroom, in their academic presentations, in their grant projects,
etc. Our educational technology people are wanting to help them do it,
and up to now I've been putting them off. I'm assuming you all are
having these same requests, whether they are embedding them into their
blackboard courses or whatever...

Can you help me figure out what is doable and what is not? We've always
held to a 3 mins. or less clip, as a copyright guideline...do we just
stick with that as a hope and a prayer that when they checkout out our
materials we can't do anything about it? What do we tell our ed.tech
people who are working with the faculty to create these projects?



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