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Dear JWOO,


I appreciate you taking a moment to bring the 'appropriateness' of this post
to my attention.


There were a few reasons of relevance to post to this list also. They are
in no particular order of importance.


I am a new, new media enterprise (in this market) and wished to introduce my
company, Man Smiling Moving Pictures to the list. I am an ALA member and
presented An American Opera at the Summer ALA meetings in Chicago.


There has been ongoing threads for most of the year while I have monitored
the List about how films are and will be distributed to this market segment
with a particular emphasis on PPR and new tech based licensing models. My
company will be producing between 500 and 1000 hours of animal/pet-centric
content annually and I wanted to present a few new ways to look at this
based on the dialogue I have been following. That is why I included the
following in the post:


*No PPR = $59 + $10 shipping
*1 year of PPR = **$100 + $10 sh. PPR is thru 12-2010 - will
eclipse 5/yr of Katrina. (This is a correction to the shipping cost listed
in LJ. 11-15-09)
*Unlimited PPR = **$150 + $10 sh. PPR is in perpetuity.

What you receive - please notice the special year end incentive info below:

 2 copies of the multi award-winning An American Opera - The Greatest Pet
Rescue Ever! on DVD with bonus content; The Genesis of An American Opera, 2
theatrical trailers and in depth scene selection.

1 x signed small 11" x 18" An American Opera poster for archive with the

1 x unsigned large 24" x 38" An American Opera poster for use in promoting
the title for the catalog.

1 x copy of a national Dog Magazine - either The American Dog or Modern Dog.

1 x 10 or 20 minute promo video entitled, The Genesis of An American Opera,
which can be used for promoting the title as part of your catalog - you will
have local broadcast rights (community access type) and Man Smiling Moving
Pictures will customize the end credit to reflect your institution and how
to view this item in your catalog - this is a very powerful marketing
component that will only be available to orders on this title received
before 12-31-09.

*This title is considered a permanent purchase - which means, you pay for it
once and you will never have to pay for it again, even if you need it on
different media in the future. You are paying for the title not the media
when you purchase a title from Man Smiling Moving Pictures.

**You can earn a $10 discount for either PPR purchase when you send back to
Man Smiling Moving Pictures any used DVD plastic Amray cases, this one time
discount is limited to 100 used cases. It is our understanding that many
libraries use other means to display their catalog and therefore have many
used DVD cases that need to be recycled.

***This title has a money back guarantee, if for any reason it's not all
that and a 'bag of chips' (figure of speech - not literal as there are no
chips in this order), Man Smiling Moving Pictures will refund your money
including shipping charges both ways - no questions asked.



I thought it was important to communicate to the list that there are new
companies that are looking to address the needs of this specific market
segment by listening to you.


I do expect to be much more vocal on this list - more closely tied to its
stated purpose, which may include announcements on film related workshops,
film specific road tours that incorporate the producer and director in
person with a film, but also take in consideration the minimalist budgets
available to libraries and educational institutions.


I am sorry if the posting was 'off topic' as that was not my intent. As
stated by MovieMaker Magazine (1998), I have been ".an innovator in the
film, television, multimedia and event business" for nearly twenty years and
I hope that I can bring some new ideas/concepts to this list that are truly
useful, including how to better market your existing catalog to your


Peace & Happy Holidays,


Tom McPhee

Producer Director

310.734.6886 LA

646.546.5640 NY

Man Smiling Moving Pictures






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aren't announcements like this supposed to be on Videonews?


On Dec 8, 2009, at 8:23 AM, Tom McPhee MSMP wrote:


Dear Friends,

I am pleased to announce the availability of the multi award-winning
documentary feature, An American Opera - The Greatest Pet Rescue Ever! for
acquisition by library, education and institution catalogs with special end
of year incentives from specialty film and TV producer & distributor, Man
Smiling Moving Pictures.

An American Opera - The Greatest Pet Rescue Ever! is a visceral, operatic
vision of what happened to the people of New Orleans who were forced to
evacuate without their beloved pets and the volunteers who came from all
over the world to help.

Follow the story magically crafted by Director Tom McPhee, of the pets,
vets, owners, officials, rescuers and adopters of animals as they work
through the chaos to do what is right only to discover not everyone is
working toward the same goal!

An American Opera - The Greatest Pet Rescue Ever! has now screened at 26
film festivals on 4 continents winning 5 awards as well as being presented
in more than 40 cities across North America during 2009 as part of the
Rescue Party Tour.

".this film touchingly depicts the unique bond between humans and their best
friends. But unlike the other films, this DVD also highlights the conflict
between animal welfare organizations and government animal control agencies
that occasionally demonstrate lack of concern and worse regarding saving
these helpless creatures." ".this film is recommended .especially pet
The Library Journal Review, November 15, 2009..................balance
removed for relevance..


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