[Videolib] Films Exploring Higher Education

From: Meghann Matwichuk <mtwchk@UDel.Edu>
Date: Tue Dec 08 2009 - 13:22:19 PST

Hello Collective Brain,

I have a faculty who is teaching a seminar on issues concerning higher
education, and I am having trouble finding current videos that might fit
her syllabus.

I'm finding references to some older films (10+ years) that are long out
of print. Two possible current titles I've presented to her are Vartan
Gregorian on Higher Education (Bill Moyers) and Declining by Degrees (PBS).

Some of the specific issues she's hoping to address are: assessment in
higher ed., closing of an institution, accreditation standards, free
speech on campuses, and other administrative issues.

Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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