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Dear Friends,


I am pleased to announce the availability of the multi award-winning
documentary feature, An American Opera - The Greatest Pet Rescue Ever! for
acquisition by library, education and institution catalogs with special end
of year incentives from specialty film and TV producer & distributor, Man
Smiling Moving Pictures.


An American Opera - The Greatest Pet Rescue Ever! is a visceral, operatic
vision of what happened to the people of New Orleans who were forced to
evacuate without their beloved pets and the volunteers who came from all
over the world to help.


Follow the story magically crafted by Director Tom McPhee, of the pets,
vets, owners, officials, rescuers and adopters of animals as they work
through the chaos to do what is right only to discover not everyone is
working toward the same goal!


An American Opera - The Greatest Pet Rescue Ever! has now screened at 26
film festivals on 4 continents winning 5 awards as well as being presented
in more than 40 cities across North America during 2009 as part of the
Rescue Party Tour.


".this film touchingly depicts the unique bond between humans and their best
friends. But unlike the other films, this DVD also highlights the conflict
between animal welfare organizations and government animal control agencies
that occasionally demonstrate lack of concern and worse regarding saving
these helpless creatures." ".this film is recommended .especially pet

The Library Journal Review, November 15, 2009


The price for this title is as follows (all prices listed are US funds):

*No PPR = $59 + $10 shipping.

*1 year of PPR = **$100 + $10 sh. PPR is thru 12-2010 - will
eclipse 5/yr of Katrina. (This is a correction to the shipping cost listed
in LJ. 11-15-09)

*Unlimited PPR = **$150 + $10 sh. PPR is in perpetuity.


What you receive - please notice the special year end incentive info below:


2 copies of the multi award-winning An American Opera - The Greatest Pet
Rescue Ever! on DVD with bonus content; The Genesis of An American Opera, 2
theatrical trailers and in depth scene selection.

1 x signed small 11" x 18" An American Opera poster for archive with the

1 x unsigned large 24" x 38" An American Opera poster for use in promoting
the title for the catalog.

1 x copy of a national Dog Magazine - either The American Dog or Modern Dog.

1 x 10 or 20 minute promo video entitled, The Genesis of An American Opera,
which can be used for promoting the title as part of your catalog - you will
have local broadcast rights (community access type) and Man Smiling Moving
Pictures will customize the end credit to reflect your institution and how
to view this item in your catalog - this is a very powerful marketing
component that will only be available to orders on this title received
before 12-31-09.

*This title is considered a permanent purchase - which means, you pay for it
once and you will never have to pay for it again, even if you need it on
different media in the future. You are paying for the title not the media
when you purchase a title from Man Smiling Moving Pictures.

**You can earn a $10 discount for either PPR purchase when you send back to
Man Smiling Moving Pictures any used DVD plastic Amray cases, this one time
discount is limited to 100 used cases. It is our understanding that many
libraries use other means to display their catalog and therefore have many
used DVD cases that need to be recycled.

***This title has a money back guarantee, if for any reason it's not all
that and a 'bag of chips' (figure of speech - not literal as there are no
chips in this order), Man Smiling Moving Pictures will refund your money
including shipping charges both ways - no questions asked.

Please read this ever growing list of what others have to say about An
American Opera - The Greatest Pet Rescue Ever!



"Tom McPhee hits a home run with "An American Opera". a documentary that is
so moving and so powerful." "Complimented by a supercharged soundtrack,
McPhee does a fabulous job of staying "zoomed out" to give us the big
picture while systematically "zooming in" his film to the small, but
impactful personal stories that came out of the disaster." "this movie is
emotionally gripping, and weeks later, the stirring emotions and difficult
images are still with me." "this truly is the greatest pet rescue ever..
and one of the best documentaries I have seen in years." . a film that pet
lovers will cherish and everyone can be proud of. I understand why it has
won awards at so many film festivals. and it deserves to win more!!"

"9 out of 10 STARS"

Aaron Lafferty - WOOD 8 TV Grand Rapids, MI - July 2, 2009

 "Perhaps the biggest legacy this film will leave is the need to make a
difference it imparts to those who view it. As I watched the film with my
wife, we asked ourselves why we hadn't gone to help in New Orleans and what
we could have done. More importantly, it galvanized us to take a look at our
own community to see what differences we could make closer to home."
".McPhee uses the plight of the animals to examine the larger picture of
government bureaucracy, federal mismanagement, and the hope that good people
bring to horrible situations. We can only hope to learn from such a disaster
so that procedures are put in place to prevent tragedy from striking again."
"FilmGuru's Rating : 10 out of 10 STARS."
 <http://www.filmguru.net/biography.html> Kevin Wohler - FilmGuru.com

"The film is fast and tight, showing several dramatic rescue attempts and
following the perspective of the animal volunteers as they encounter
"Chilling events begin to unfold as the filmmaker experiences the true
"Heroes emerge. and these people give the film a sense of hope."
"The film refuses to pass judgment on the New Orleans pet owners and
implores the viewer to extend the same consideration." ".this film is a
must-see factual grounding."
Darren Schwindaman - The Jackson Free Press

"An EXCELLENT film that touched on every emotion I have within, An American
Opera effected me deeply"
"This film was so very informative and REAL, not masked by actors, it showed
real people from all over, coming together to make a difference in the lives
of animals during a crisis. It showed me that I, myself can make a
difference. Thank you, Tom McPhee, for opening my eyes and making me realize
that something CAN be done. Because of your film, I will be volunteering my
time for disaster relief."

"10 out of 10 STARS!"
Lisa Carpenter - Internet Movie Database, July 31, 2009


"A wonderful, important film!" "I loved this film!" "Tom McPhee presents
this sensitive subject matter in a very non-sensational way, covering all
the bases." "I thoroughly enjoyed the music used in the film. Not only is it
engaging, it helps tell the story." "More than anything else, this wonderful
film is a call to action for all pet owners to make sure that they're
prepared to include the four-legged, slithery or feathered members of their
families in their emergency preparedness plans, and to make sure their
communities are planning for pets, too."
"An American Opera" is a film I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who
cares about animals and their welfare... It's a great movie, and an
important historical document."

"10 out of 10 STARS!"
Bob Eccles - WEMU Radio, July 30, 2009

"An American Opera" is not just a documentary; it is a juxtaposition of
different documentaries blended into one." "An American Opera" is a stunning
piece of citizen journalism. Tom McPhee carries on the torch once lit by
John Huston during his days as a documentary filmmaker during World War II
as he examines a world not so often told by today's 24-hour media circus.
Get ready to be shocked and inspired by "An American Opera."
"8 out of 10 STARS"
David Stewart - IMDB.com, August 4, 2009


". a tribute and an honest inquiry, into the human-animal relationship and
how delicate that bond really is." "An American Opera takes us right into
the middle of things and doesn't let us look away."
Sarah Ledbetter - WKNO Radio, Memphis, TN


I have got to say it was the most moving, sad, happy, proud, desperate film
I have ever seen.

This has also gotten me even more REVED up to help more in the future.

Lisa Heaton - Richmond, VA, ADRATI Animal Rescue, November, 2009


Strong, emotional stuff - and An American Opera justifiably has won "Best
Documentary" prizes at multiple film festivals.

Boston University Cinematheque, October, 2009


We love it when a film from our Alumni gets a whole new life. Such is the
case with An American Opera, a love letter on film for many Animal Defense
Leagues and Prevention for Animal Cruelty associations. An American Opera
was a Programmers' and Audience favorite at ReelHeART and won a documentary
category award.

Shannonn Kelly - Executive Director ReelheART Film Festival Toronto, July,


Technical Information:

Format: NTSC DVD-R
Number of discs: 1
DVD Release Date: November 2009
Run Time: 77 minutes (plus 25 minutes of special features including, The
Genesis of An American Opera)
Closed Caption: No

Rating: N/A

For more information click here: www.anamericanopera.com, and here:


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