[Videolib] Question on Streaming Collections

From: <pwiener@notes.cc.sunysb.edu>
Date: Mon Dec 07 2009 - 09:07:52 PST

Does anyone who has a large circulating video collection have any idea
what they're going to be doing with these items, or how they are going to
build and manage video collections in the future? Is there any
alternative, given the speed of technological change and the inverse speed
of bureaucratic change, to going about this haphazardly?

In only 3-5 years, by my estimation, almost all moving image titles will
be delivered wirelessly. It's not likely libraries, universities or
professors will be able - or have permission - to digitize and distribute
their already-owned media. Whole new licensing and delivery systems will
need to be put in place.

There are many vendors of streaming video out there, some with free
services (like PBS Frontline) but they still represent only a tiny
fraction of titles that exist, and of what specifically may be needed for
a specific course. Not to mention feature films, which also enjoy many
curricular uses....

What will happen? Is it already happening? Does anyone have any
experience with this, any plans or guidance?

Are there any academic libraries that offer streaming media of commercial
titles (not of their own video productions)? I know some public libraries
do, for members. Do any such vendors even exist - a Netflix for
institutions? How do they, or would they, work?

Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks

Paul B. Wiener
Video Librarian
Stony Brook University

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