[Videolib] Border justice films - sources & public performance licensing?

From: Marilyn Huntley <mhuntley@hamilton.edu>
Date: Tue Dec 01 2009 - 09:57:03 PST

Hello everyone -
A student organization at our college is planning a film series on
border justice during Spring 2010, and they need to apply now (today!)
for funding from our student activities office. The students have asked
me to help them find out the costs of various films they're interested
in. I can't find solid info for any of their titles.

1. "Welcome," by Phillipe Loiret. It's a 2009 French film. I haven't
found any U.S. source. The only solid info I have is that a Region 2,
PAL DVD in French with no subtitles, can be bought on amazon.fr for
15.99 Euros. And even if I could find a viable source for a DVD, we
would still need a public performance license.

2. "Tell 'em Who You Are," by Michelle Garcia, apparently released by
 From the Heart Productions. I found that a DVD can be purchased online
for $20 at http://commerce03.i2net.com/. That's progress, but I'm hoping
to find out whether this seller knows anything about licensing.

3. "La Citadelle," by Mohamed Chouikh. According to IMDB, this is a 1988
Algerian film, in Arabic. The original title was "El Kalaa." The only
place I've found it is at amazon.fr, as a Region 2, PAL DVD (language
not specified) for 24 Euros, from an outside vendor. Not good.

Thanks in advance for any purchasing or licensing information you can
send me.


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