Re: [Videolib] New topic: video borrowing poliicies

From: Bergman, Barbara J <>
Date: Tue Nov 24 2009 - 09:53:26 PST

For a large and essentially archival collection, the limited borrowing policies that Gary described make sense. For the rest of us ??

A few of the many reasons we do allow liberal borrowing:
1. We're not a research collection, so very few films are used for more than a few years. We weed books, we weed media...
2. I have far more control over the students. Fines, blocked records, etc. If they get the large bill for an overdue video, it tends to reappear quickly. Many faculty rudely ignore due dates and bring materials back when they feel like it. (Community patrons and former students with unreturned materials find that the billed cost is taken out of their state tax return!)
3. If it doesn't get used, why am I spending all this money? (Who's going to hang out at the library to watch an interesting-looking documentary? )

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