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From: Gail Fedak <>
Date: Tue Nov 24 2009 - 09:26:58 PST

Middle Tennessee State University uses an accession system for the Media
Library collection. The basic scheme is a designated letter (capital) to
indicate format, followed by a 5-digit ordinal number (the next item to
cross the cataloger's desk gets the next number), ending with a suffix
letter to indicate whether the program can be played over our cable system,
taken out of the Library, etc. The items are shelved according to prefix
letter, then #, so that individual formats are all in one place. The suffix
is not considered when shelving.
A (audio cassettes)
D (CD)
F (35mm filmstrips - now obsolete)
G (CD audio books)
L (laser discs)
S (35mm slides - now obsolete)
T (faculty-supplied VHS/DVD/CD for students to check out of the media
library; students don't check out media library video materials to leave the
V (U-matic video cassettes)
Z (16mm - now obsolete)
The suffix letters are:
a (includes PPR - we check with the vendor about non-class group showings
outside the library; also the default suffix if PPR is not an issue)
R (no PPR)
X (cannot leave the library - section 108 transfers)
B00509a is a DVD that can be played over our cable system, viewed in class,
probably/maybe used for a non-class group showing
H10208R is a VHS that can be used in class and can be viewed individually by
patrons in the media library, but not played over the cable system
B01023X is a DVD that we made from a VHS by invoking the Copyright Section
108 rule - does not leave the media library
G00300a is a CD audiobook that can be checked out by anybody on campus (PPR
not an issue)
D00278a is a CD, that is not an audiobook, primarily the Vital History
collection, and can be checked out individually
T00064a is a VHS or DVD or CD owned by a faculty member who wants his/her
students to be able to check it out to take home for a few days - when an
assignment to view these is not active, we suppress the title(s) from the
Our never and almost never used prefixes are A, C, F, L, S, V, Z because (1)
we no longer maintain programs in these formats, (2) there's no longer much
interest in using the title/format or (2) the format is almost obsolete. The
numbering scheme is not so daunting when you consider that we use only 5 of
the prefixes regularly.
Hope this helps.

Gail B. Fedak, Director
Media Resources
Middle Tennessee State University
1301 E. Main St., P.O. Box 33
Murfreesboro, TN 37132
phone 615-898-2899
fax 615-898-2530




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I'm interested if any of you at your libraries use an accession number for
organizing your media collection (DVD & VHS). How you are constructing your
number scheme? Please reply off list, thanks!

Sebastian Derry
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