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It sounds like Arrivederci, Baby! (in USA) which he made with Rosanna Schiaffino (who could be mistaken with Claudia Cardinale). Description from IMBD:

>From the moment the movie begins, you are basically blown out of your seat. An old mand and young bride are leaving the chapel for the hotel. As she climbs th hotel staircase she is dropping pieces of clothing left and right. The old man is trying to catch up. In the suite, she sexily removes her stockings, one by one. He cannot get his suspenders off so he cuts them off with a scissors. She is in a babydoll nightie pantiong on the bed. He finally collapses with a heart attack. She picks up the phone "my husband is dead. I am so sad." Wow. Talk about a black widow. She is a minx and Tony Curtis is a hare. First he kills of Zsa Zsa Gabor in a rocketship. Then some fluffy English woman on a horse. A silly ass indeed he says. These two are out for money, so wht happens wjhen thy meet? First he is introduced to her as rich. He has a fake butler played by Lionel Jeffries. Then when she is expecting the gardener to sneak into her bed, he sneaks in instead. Later when they are finalyy introduced, he gets into her bed as himself and ten seconds later she screams "YOU" because she recognized him even in th dark. Whatever comes next is wacky, because the two are really in lov and after they stop trying to kill each other, they realize it.

Eileen Karsten
Lake Forest College

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