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From: Kathleen DeLaurenti <>
Date: Thu Nov 19 2009 - 13:53:57 PST

Has anyone seen the issues that came up with captioning on the recent
Disney/Pixar "Up" release?


I noticed it on the copy I rented as well. Does anyone know if other studios
are doing this? I haven't heard so far if this is going to be remedied in
anyway, and I can certainly see lacking captions as an issue for a lot of




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Correction: I meant Fox is not allowing libraries to purchase retail

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I know we had this discussion already, but this is new information from my
B&T rep. As stated earlier, Fox is not allowing libraries to purchase rental
ready editions and as had been predicted, rental readies will be going out of


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Hello Everyone:

Here is some important information regarding new release DVDs:

Fox/MGM and Paramount are producing two editions of selected theatrical DVDs,
a rental version (for rental stores and libraries) and a retail version (for
the consumer market such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart). To complicate this, there
are some variations between the studios on how they market their rental and
retail editions that are causing confusion.

When two versions of a title are being released, we will only display the
rental version in TS3 and BTLOL. You will see "Rental Ready" in the title
field. In addition, " Rental Ready " is listed in the Attributes. Rental
copies are supplied from the studio without shrink-wrap.

Fox/MGM: The new Fox policy requires distributors to sell the retail version
to retail outlets only. Both editions will be released on the same day and
the prices are the same. The rental version will not contain the bonus
features or digital disc.

We will offer the Fox rental versions up to 60 days after street date. After
60 days following street date, these titles will no longer be available from
Baker & Taylor.

Baker & Taylor is complying with Fox's policy and we are not displaying or
selling the retail edition to our library customers.

Paramount: This studio has no restrictions on ordering either the rental or
retail editions. However, the rental version will release about six to eight
weeks earlier than the retail edition. The rental version, which may or may
not contain the bonus features, is about $12.00 higher than the retail
version. If you would like the earlier released rental version, please get
your orders in by the pre-order date. Once the street date for the rental
version has passed, we will display the retail version on our Websites and it
will be available to all markets. The status on the rental version will then
be out-of-print.

The big advantage with Paramount is that libraries will be able to offer
these titles to your patrons four to eight weeks before they are available in
retail outlets, such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. The only
competition, in the weeks prior to release of the retail version will be
video rental stores, NetFlix, and the like.

At this time, we don't know if other studios will follow suit. Please let us
know if you have any questions.




Warm regards,





Jane Herb

Public Library Sales Consultant

Arizona, Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Utah

Baker & Taylor

800-775-7930 ext. 1450 msg

704-236-7492 cell

702-925-0942 fax <>


Danielle Phillips
Danielle Phillips

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