[Videolib] New website "Copyright Watch " Launched

From: Rubin, Nan <RubinN@thirteen.org>
Date: Tue Nov 17 2009 - 08:52:42 PST

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Electronic Information for
Libraries announced the launch Monday of Copyright Watch
<http://www.copyright-watch.org/> , a new Web site that aims to provide
a comprehensive and up-to-date online repository of national and
regional copyright laws.

In citing the need to track copyright law changes, EFF International
Policy Director Gwen Hinze said in a statement that, "Small shifts in
the balance between the rights of copyright owners and the limitations
and exceptions relied on by those who use copyrighted content can
destroy or enable business models, criminalize or liberate free
expression and everyday behavior, and support the development of new
technologies that facilitate access to knowledge for all the world's

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