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From: Jackson, Sandra F. <Jacksonsf@uncw.edu>
Date: Sun Nov 15 2009 - 11:34:26 PST

Hello, everyone.

I've been fortunate enough to provide UNCW's Lumina Theater as one of the larger venues for the Cucalorus Film Festival in Wilmington, NC, for the last three years. The side benefit to me is that I get to see some really great films. We've got a few screenings left today, but so far, my favorite films of the festival are Precious and Calvin Marshall.

Precious will do very well because of the names involved in the film, in addition to the amazing reviews it has already received. It deserves the praise. The film shredded my heart.

Calvin Marshall is touring festivals in hopes that it can create enough buzz for a distributor to pick up the film. It is an atypical sports film, and I found the changes very refreshing. It is not what you expect from a sports film. I am not a baseball fan, but thankfully, the themes could be applied far beyond baseball. Even though things don't go the way you expect, the film is still strangely uplifting. The director, Gary Lundgren, and Alex Frost, who played the title character, stayed after the screening for a lengthy Q and A from a very impressed audience filled with film students and indy film industry types, in addition to general film lovers. In response to one question, the director told us he deliberately avoided tying everything up into a nice package. That was an excellent choice, in my opinion, but it was the decision that may prevent the largest distributors from picking it up, since the big guys tend to spoonfeed their sports films to the audience. Tragic. Anyway, if you have the
 opportunity to see it, I think you will appreciate it and recommend it to thouse of your students who appreciate indy films. Check it out at http://calvinmarshall.com/

If you ever have an opportunity to get to a film festival, Cucalorus is a great experience at a reasonable price. It was named one of the "Top 25 Coolest Film Festivals" by Moviemaker Magazine and its a non-competetive, laid back atmosphere foster open dialogue where filmmakers and audience feel free to share stories and socialize. We had over 130 films in the festival this year. The films I listed as my favorite are pretty large, but we have tons of smaller films and shorts in the festival, with quite a few from the filmmakers in Wilmington and the southeast. Quirky fun for everyone.

Sandra F. Jackson
Film Program Coordinator
Lumina Theater & Sharky's Box Office
UNCW Presents
The University of North Carolina Wilmington

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