Re: [Videolib] A meditation on indie vdeo pricing in an age of fiscalapocalypse

From: Dennis Doros <>
Date: Fri Nov 13 2009 - 12:23:37 PST

> Digital Media? There are currently no preservation or access standards,
> and, if you rely on the distributors to provide access, there are no
> guarantees that the content will be around once it runs its effective
> market life. These are issues that aren't unique to digital video, by any
> means; they're concerns that libraries and librarians need to be
> addressing carefully, regardless of medium.
> BTW: I haven't heard anyone on this list who's balking about the future
> or change (or who lacks motivation to ponder them). There ARE some of us
> who feel strongly about the potential hazards of buying into disposable
> and ephemeral culture, transient technologies, and the media fix du
> jour...who are trying diligently to figure out how to balance budgets,
> user needs, and long term preservation requirements.

Sigh, your absolutely right, Gary, though *that* is why I'm spending half my
free time working on the board of the Association of Moving Image
Archivists. And in fact, I'm the Board Liaison to the Advocacy Committee
which is coming up with statements of concern on digital preservation. And
as the organization's volunteer publicist, I will be promoting these issues
to the world press. I'm also the Liaison to the Digital Initiatives
Committee which hopefully will be contributing to this discourse. This is
what I'm hinting (screaming) at when I suggest that videolib members should
join the association and attend the conference. (Thanks, Kim!) I hope to see
more of you join up now and meet you next November in Philadelphia.

By arranging our wills, getting our video master materials in cold storage,
and having proper cataloguing of Milestone's materials, I'm trying to make
sure these films do last past my lifetime. I'm also ensuring in the next
year that many of our film master materials be stored at an archive. I'm
hoping other distributors follow suit. Sadly, I think Cindy Keefer of CVM
and Jonathan Gartenberg are the only other distributors who belong to the
organization. (My apologies if I forgot somebody.)

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