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From: Gail Fedak <>
Date: Wed Nov 11 2009 - 15:25:55 PST

We don't circulate video to students to leave the library because one, they
can be notoriously late bringing things back. We have a hard enough time
getting items back from faculty for the next faculty member to use. All it
takes is two or more times per semester, and word spreads that our videos
are not reliably available. Two, I do not have the dollars to replace lost
and damaged video that students have taken off campus. Replacing items that
get damaged on campus is costly enough. Three, when I do need to replace
something, chances are high that the program may not be available any
longer. Longevity of use means I can more easily control how much I have to
spend on replacements in one budget year. I guess it all boils down to
damage control. We have paid for access to streaming collections; and while
that is one of the newest and most convenient delivery modes, I still have
reservations about it.

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On a slightly different tangent: perhaps as a true convenience to the
students, they could be just
allowed to check out films to view outside of the library. This is the
basic policy here at USC
with our Leavey Library video collection. Except for a relatively small
items specifically placed on course reserve, any


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