Re: [Videolib] A meditation on indie vdeo pricing in an age of fiscal apocalypse

From: jwoo <>
Date: Wed Nov 11 2009 - 12:45:05 PST

I think Jessica is wrong about not being about to sell 1,000 for $30
each. If the film is good enough, people will buy it. Brain Injury
Dialogues has sold over 400 copies so far at $25-35 each, and it's
been out less than a year.

On Nov 11, 2009, at 8:04 AM, Jessica Rosner wrote:
> If you an figure out a scenario where a 60 minute film on public
> health clinics in Houston or a
> 90 minute film on women's rights in Indonesia will sell a 1000
> copies at $30 as opposed to 100 at $300 I am sure both fillmmakers
> and distributors ( and folks who might like to see the stuff)
> would be thrilled but that does not seem likely.

Janice Woo
(filmmaker's significant other)

p.s. offers from a couple of distributors to sell in the $250 range
were turned down

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