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Date: Wed Nov 11 2009 - 08:16:31 PST

The AMIA conference was great. There was a really healthy dialog all week between those with the means and the gall to shoot for a new online Library of Alexandria (i.e. Internet Archive, etc) and others with less financial/staff support and a stricter interpretations of how access can be provided . And lots of helpful technical information of AV formats, transfer services, open source access and management system, techniques for promoting your collections, etc.

I recently become responsible for figuring out how to digitize and best provide access to a donated 16mm collection - the conference and the AMIA listserv have been so helpful. I can now clean film by hand without totally destroying it and have intimate working knowledge of an Elmo (!).

If you're digitizing any of your older formats or just trying to figure out how to care for materials without tossing them out - go go go!

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Since I wrote a depressing email, I thought I should send an optimistic one as well. The Association of Moving Image Archivists held their annual meeting in St. Louis last week and there are an incredible number of smart, talented and enthusiastic students and young archivists out there. I am always amazed at how the profession has changed for the better over the years and how the field is attracting the best and the brightest. Better yet, most of the talk is about more and better access and even among the studios there is positive thoughts about this. Warner Brother's DVD-R system is just the start of what could be a better future. And there's a lot of new ideas in the preservation and restoration of audio-visual material.

Another positive, AMIA's Advocacy Committee will be writing on issues that will impact the future -- such as the quality of DVDRs and the industry's promise of "forever." As AMIA's new publicist (I volunteered), I'll be posting these on Videolib for people to consider.

And I was so happy to see a videolib representative in Kim Stanton! Kim, I'd love to hear what you thought of the conference and how it pertains to your job.

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