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From: Susan Albrecht <>
Date: Tue Nov 10 2009 - 11:39:18 PST

At 02:18 PM 11/10/2009, Tom wrote:
>To somewhat follow-up on the Rip thread, here is an interesting
>discussion about why people don't always pay for music:

Wow. Check out this one.

>> Music is not a product, it is a part of shared culture and
therefor cannot be owned or sold. I pay for mp3s only if the price is
worth the convenience of not having to search and risk viruses from
p-p. I support musicians by paying for concert tickets and vinyl -
you know, products and services. <<

And this:
>> I'd rather not pay for shipping from or something similar. <<

And this:
>> I started downloading music without paying for it a year and a
half ago when we moved to Mexico and my IPOD became my only
radio. ...Of course, we could buy through ITunes, but...." <<

Unbelievable. What a whine-fest.

Susan at Wabash
(Am I channeling Gary in his grumpiness? ;))

Susan Albrecht
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Crawfordsville, IN

"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."--Neil Peart

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