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Date: Mon Nov 09 2009 - 12:25:01 PST

I've had a couple professors buy the DVDs themselves and then donate them to the library. I've never asked them to do that, though, just made them aware of the discrepancy in the price.


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Okay, I think I now have a more compelling reason to follow up on the recent thread about institutional pricing. I have a request for the DVD of Hospital, a Zipporah film. The price for me will be $400 and includes PPR (whether I want it or not and I don't). For a high school it's half that price. For an Individual, it is $29.95 !!!!

It does not appear that I can buy it for $29.95 and put it on the shelf for this prof to borrow and show in class. I am tempted to suggest he buy it himself and use in his classroom. However, then no one else would have the right to or awareness of its availability.

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