Re: [Videolib] College/University film societies?

From: Jeanne Little <>
Date: Wed Nov 04 2009 - 06:30:15 PST

Hello, All.

I been following the past week's discussions closely and feel I need to
chime in on the whole Public Performance Rights issue.

When we purchase a DVD or VHS title, I always ask about PPR (..."Do you
offer PPR which allows viewing outside the classroom in a non-theatrical
venue, where there is no admission charged?"...) before we purchase, or
at least I ask when I can find someone to ask. Anyway, 7 times out of
10, I receive replies back stating PPR comes with the purchase of the
title, and it can be shown on campus when there is no admission fee. I
pose the question in a way that the source can determine the potential
use of the title we are interested in. Sometimes we have to pay extra
for this right, but more often than not it is included in the price for
an institutional purchase. We are part of an educational institution and
we expect our titles to be used (for the most part) in this environment.
Yes, we buy Home Use copies of some titles, especially when it is for
feature films, since we know these will have additional fees for PPR
given their potential for wide audiences. We determined early on we
would not inquire into PPR rights for feature films, and it has worked
well so far.

I too wish that institutional purchases were less expensive. Everyone
has a budget that keeps decreasing and we need to be good stewards with
the money we have. But I totally understand where the producers,
directors, actors, etc., etc. are coming from.

This doesn't mean I am not appalled at the price of some of the titles
we purchase, but it is our decision whether or not the content is worth
the money for our faculty to have what they need for their instruction.
Sometimes we can afford it, and sometimes not.

Anyway, this might not be exactly on target, but I would expect if
libraries ask up front when they buy a title what rights are available,
they might be surprised how willing some of the sources are to work with
you on a purchase.

My two cents for now...

Jeanne Little

Rod Library
University of Northern Iowa

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