Re: [Videolib] VHS to DVD for classroom use?

From: Winona Patterson <>
Date: Wed Nov 04 2009 - 06:02:24 PST

I am very glad that we're not the only institution grappling with the
VHS issue! We were notified a few months ago that VHS players on campus
will be phased out (actually, just not repaired/replaced once they
break). That's nice, but we still have over 10,000 titles on VHS, a lot
of which are used often, mostly on reserve for in-library or classroom
use. The best part is that a very high-up person in our library just
thinks that we can either buy DVD replacements or simply make DVD copies
of the VHS, and get all this done quickly (within a school year).

I will say that our wonderful acquisitions department works tirelessly
to make sure that our patrons and faculty/staff have what they need on
usable formats - there have been isolated cases where we cannot locate a
popular title on DVD to replace our barely-playing VHS, and are able to
secure permission to convert to DVD in-house (with no ILL on the DVD).

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