Re: [Videolib] VHS to DVD for classroom use?

From: Bergman, Barbara J <>
Date: Tue Nov 03 2009 - 14:19:34 PST

Not having control of what technology is available in the classrooms is a very real problem for libraries.

The IT guys are looking at the newest & coolest technology. In their minds, the fact that VHS tapes disappeared from the consumer market means they're obsolete. The fact that much of the content is still relevant, and oftentimes irreplaceable, isn't part of their mindset.

I've had to raise a stink (several times) about retaining VCR/DVD combo units in the classroom and have gotten some influential teaching faculty involved. This was especially necessary since those faculty could also quantify how many tapes they use in the classroom that they (or their department) own in addition to what the Library provides.

Some of the things I did was to provide overall circ numbers - DVDs vs VHS tapes. I also provided title-by-title circ stats for the VHS tapes. Of the 30 titles with the most circs: A fourth had already been replaced with DVD copies; half are not available on DVD; the remaining -- I'm ordering a couple of them, but many are simply too expensive to justify buying again rather than looking for new content on the topic.

Not sure this will stop the disappearing VCRs, but at least they can't say it's lack of interest on our part.

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Here's a wrinkle... what do you do when your IT/media department announces they will no longer support VHS and will only have equipment to show DVDs? What happens to all the VHS formats you have that are not available in DVD? Not bringing this up to be difficult. This is an actual scenario that was successfully (at least for the time being) diffused but will no doubt come up again.


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