[Videolib] College/University film societies?

From: Shoaf,Judith P <jshoaf@ufl.edu>
Date: Tue Nov 03 2009 - 10:44:43 PST

Jessica said: I am sure no one here imagines such "groups" are checking IDs of "registered" members.
Would it make a difference if the film showing was confined to club members? Don't you need PPR to show to a club? This seems to have been an issue in this case, raised by both the 5-points arguer and you. So here is my thought experiment:
Let's say a club of students who work as volunteers at a hospital decide to get together for Halloween and one of them brings a personal, purchased copy of a classic horror film issued by Kino.
There are 104 members in the club but only 52 come to the party. Only club members are present, because... these people all confine their search for significant others to club members.
They meet in a room in the student union/an empty classroom where they usually hold their meetings. They sit around and eat popcorn and pumpkin-shaped cookies, take pictures of each other in costume, and watch the movie on a TV setup in the room.
This showing is not educational, not at home, not publicized except among club members, attended only by club members, and involves a legally purchased copy of the film.
Do they need PPR? Is there a special kind of PPR involved?
If one changed any of the variables above, how would that change the need for PPR?

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