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I think the language group I mentioned got caught up in the suit. I believe New Yorker went after the big film club you describe, but also searched the university website for other possible violations, in order I assume to present a case that university groups were consistently violating these provisions and the university must pay up and also begin to monitor its members.

You are right about "not getting caught" but I guess I am confused as to how you have a club that shows films without getting the word out.
Actually, I still have a copy of the French Film Festival poster we had for our French-Russian Co-Op Associate Membership drive. We had a table in the lobby of the Student Union where you could get your membership. Most of the money went to rent the films-I think we had to get 100 members @$10 in order to break even (does that sound right for 10 films in 1971?).
Nowadays, you could spread the word about a French film club in French classes, via paper flyers, by setting up a table at the student union (yes, they still do that) etc. and then once you had formed the club you could communicate via email. Same thing for a "film festival" involving watching particular DVDs, perhaps chosen by a professor-if it is actually educational (though not face-to-face and therefore requiring PPR), it is likely that there are specific classes where the instructors would be willing to announce it. But there could also be a situation where an existing club or class decides to get together to watch a DVD on a TV somewhere on campus.
I gather, though, that the film club you are on about was far more ambitious, and actually did rent larger venues and invite the public.

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