[Videolib] VHS to DVD for classroom use?

From: Elizabeth Kielley <ekielley@messiah.edu>
Date: Mon Nov 02 2009 - 12:10:00 PST

I am in discussion with a faculty member who is certain that for
face-to-face teaching, he can make a DVD copy of a VHS as long as it was
only used for teaching. I am disagreeing due to my understanding we can't
make a copy, even for preservation. Please let me know. I know this has
been discussed before but I am attaching his rationale:
"Currently, educators in the face-to-face teaching context enjoy more
latitude and face fewer restrictions under the face-to-face exception than
do their counterparts in the distance education context under the online
distance education exception. For example, while educators in the online
distance education context may only use “reasonable and limited portions” of
an audiovisual work, educators in the face-to-face context face no such
Principle IV Online Distance Education
The restrictions on transferring media from analog to digital apply
explicitly to online courses, but it's not clear if they apply in
face-to-face teaching . That's why I'm pretty sure that we can make DVDs
from VHS tapes for classroom use (perhaps these could not be checked out by
students for personal viewing unless they were in the class). Let me know
what you think!"
"The critical distinction here is "for classroom face-to-face teaching",
not just for preservation purposes. The reason I included the second quote
from the SCMS document is because it states that while online instructors
are limited to "“reasonable and limited portions” of an audiovisual work,
educators in the face-to-face context face no such limitation." So copying
of entire works for specific employ in face-to-face teaching would not be
restricted as long as they were ONLY USED in that context.
That was my thinking from what the SCMS states. Doe this make sense to
So please let me know if I'm wrong.
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