Re: [Videolib] The Daily Bitch

From: Joel S. Bachar <>
Date: Thu Oct 29 2009 - 11:51:54 PDT

As a distributor who is getting AWAY from inflated PPR, I want to chime in.
We have very few titles that have an inflated PPR price attached to it and I
believe the highest PPR is $150. Its been hard to fully get away with this
when we are dealing with more established filmmakers or producers who have
made quite a livelihood from this inflated prices. We have many other titles
with an inflated PPR of $50-$70...which seems relatively more "reasonable"
BUT we are ultimately trying to get away from this type of pricing structure
altogether as we feel its going the way of the dinosaurs for many of the
reasons cited here. We get lots of great feedback from librarians who are
thrilled to be able to buy 10 of our DVDs at $25 each vs one at $250 - and
we hope many more of you will pay attention to our releases!
Joel S. Bachar
Microcinema Int'l/Microcinema DVD
1636 Bush Street, #2, San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 447-9750

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