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From: Susan Albrecht <>
Date: Thu Oct 29 2009 - 11:41:02 PDT

I love knowing what Alive Mind's Elizabeth said -- that if we buy the
home use version from them, their producers receive a bigger chunk of
the price than if we buy the home use version from Amazon or
elsewhere. It's nice to know Alive Mind is *open* to home use sales
by institutions.

OTOH, the truth is that I don't know how many distributors do look at
it the way Elizabeth does. I've received a couple of phone calls in
the past from distributors who saw that I'd placed an order for a
home use DVD from their website and had noticed that I either had an
.edu extention on my email address and had a college shipping address
provided. At least one of these individuals was *very* persistent in
arguing with me that I was being... well, I can't recall the exact
term, but it was unfair or unethical or unsupportive or some other
"un" term which implied I wasn't being a good girl.

The truth is, I do NOT skirt the law if I know we need PPR for a
title. But *if* a title has been released for sale in home use by
vendors like Amazon, Midwest Tape or DVD Planet, why would I *not*
buy from them if I don't need PPR? Especially if I suspect that by
trying to buy home use from the distributor who sells it at the
higher "institutional"/PPR price, I'm going to be given grief?

Now a question for Gary. In the delineation below, did you mean for
#3 to be "Institutional buyers (does not include performance
rights)"? Otherwise, I'm reading #2 and #3 as pretty much the same
thing. I could see three categories of: 1) home use (no PPR); 2)
institutional use (no PPR); and 3) institutional use with PPR. As
you say, this would acknowledge the potentially larger usage and
audience that goes with library ownership, without forcing us to pay
for rights we might not need.

Elizabeth, I would ask you one question as well, re: your definition
of PPR. You've given an under 50/no admission vs. over 50/admission
fee distinction. What if the showing is to be more than 50 but no
admission will be charged?

Susan at Wabash College

Gary wrote:
>A simple request to all involved:
>It's easy enough (and the honest thing to do) in a catalog to offer three
>1. Home video (does not include performance rights)
>2. Film with performance rights
>3. Institutional buyers (which includes performance rights)
>The above acknowledges pricing based on buyer type and avoids making it
>sound as if institutions automatically require performance rights.

Elizabeth from Alive Mind:

> > I'll chime in here from the 'seedy distributor' point of view:
> >
> > When I send out announcements regarding films available with PPR, I am
> > well aware that some (not all)
> > of our titles are available at consumer prices and that many public
> > librarians (and Gary and Christine) will purchase the consumer
> > version, hence my language
> > regarding the PPR license. If you don't need PPR, my request is this:
> > please, if possible, buy the consumer version direct from us
> >
> > . When you
> > do so, our filmmakers generally receive close to 50% of the SRP. When
> > you purchase through Amazon or other online retail sites, however,
> > they get 50% from the wholesale price, minus the sub distribution fee
> > which accounts for another big chunk, almost 20%.
> > We would like to work with you to build your collections based on your
> > needs while also representing and protecting our filmmakers best
> > interests.
> >
> > Our definition of PPR:
> >
> > When you purchase any of our Alive Mind Education titles, whether you
> > are a public library, college, university, corporation or non profit
> > group, public performance rights are included. Public performance
> > rights allow educational and non profit groups to exhibit our films to
> > groups of 50 or fewer individuals where admission is not charged. The
> > term of the public performance license is for the life of the DVD.
> > However, if you intend to screen it to an admission paying audience of
> > over 50 and to publicly advertise it, then we ask that you contact us
> > regarding a public screening fee.
> >
> > Best,
> >
> > Elizabeth
> >

Susan Albrecht
Acquisitions Manager
Wabash College Lilly Library
Crawfordsville, IN

"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."--Neil Peart

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